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Gord Downie Inspired Black Hat

Courage For Gord Auction


This hat has been created and generously donated by Karyn Ruiz, who has been the driving force behind Lilliput Hats, an atelier and boutique in Toronto for over 20 years.

Karyn used the same mould as was used for the six original hats custom-made for Gord Downie. This hat is 100% rabbit fur felt, hand-blocked (moulded) on a vintage wooden block. The shape has been somewhat modified, as Karyn did not feel comfortable replicating Gord's hats to exact standard.

Also, Karyn adjusted the height of the crown and made the head size more neutral in the hope that it would fit a more standard head size for a male or a female. (This can be further adjusted to fit the winner of this auction.) The ribbon around the hat and the feathers are not unlike some of the elements Karyn hand-picked for Gord's hats, although many of Gord's feathers are one-offs. Further, a bit of orange was added to reflect the colour used for the #chaniewenjack Truth Hope t-shirt movement.

Finally, also included inside the hat are lyrics from "Done and Done":

Done and done
Night accomplished
If I had a wish
I'd wish for more of this

We are thrilled to add this unique item to the the Courage For Gord Online Auction. Created in the spirit of Gord Downie, and as iconic as the ones he wore so beautifully on the Man Machine Poem tour, this beautiful hat will be on display in Ottawa at the Courage For Gord Fundraiser Event on October 18th. Details here.

For more on Lilliput Hats, please visit their Website and Facebook page.

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