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Wenjack Hockey Jersey

Courage For Gord Auction


When a loved one dies, we mourn. When a child dies, the sense of loss is greater, the mourning lasts longer, the pain runs deeper.

This jersey was designed to honour the life of a child, Chanie Wenjack, who died in his brave attempt to escape from the Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School.

His name adorns the back of this sweater to help ensure that his name will not be forgotten. The number that appears below his name and on both sleeves represents his age at the time of his death on October 22, 1966. The crest on the front represents the secret path that Chanie and so many others like him travelled on their quest to regain the lives that had been taken from them.

The elements of this garment were chosen with love and care by a small group of dedicated folks who share a passion for the truth. It is our sincere hope that it will be worn with humility and pride and will be used to help tell the story that this country needs to hear.

In celebration of the release of Gord Downie's Secret Path, we are thrilled to add this unique jersey to the Courage For Gord Online Auction. Please note that Saturday October 22, 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Chanie Wenjack's death. We will temporarily suspend the online auction that day as a way to commemorate his life and honour the solemnity of this occasion.

Note: This jersey will be produced after the auction ends to allow the winning bidder to select the appropriate size.

Please be sure to read our online auction rules here before placing a bid.


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