Taking care of the skin is becoming the hardest task to accomplish because of the age factors and due to the environmental pressure. In this case, to favor you on your demand certain products can effectively work on them.

But before applying anything over your skin you should have enough knowledge over it especially when it comes to the cream products. Because each medication will get differ in their brand name but their ingredients will be similar.

So you can to get suggestions from the dermatologist before using them. Most people make use of the tretinoin products in these criteria they should have at least a little knowledge on it.

When they make use of the tretinoin products over their skin they should aware of their different brand name. This tretinoin also comes in the name of the retin A, but still, you should get to know about the difference between retin A and tretinoin before usage from the dermatologist.

The retin A contains the active ingredients in it and mostly it holds the medication tretinoin in them. The brand name retin A has become the most common topical tretinoin treatments and in this case, most people make use of this retin A and the tretinoin interchangeably.

Most of the dermatologist used to suggest the tretinoin contained products to treat the skin issues like the acne, wrinkles and still more and this tretinoin comes in the common brand name called retin A, in this case, the pharmacist may also get confused but all the tretinoin products does the similar work, speeding up the cell turnover rates.

retin A

When it comes to retin A vs Tretinoin, tretinoin products will be better so be very clear about your need and confirm with your dermatologist about the product before using.

Final thoughts

It is better to ask your dermatologist about the difference between retin A and tretinoin before using it over your skin so that you can get the help on your need.