Collagen occupies one-third of protein content in the human body. But if your age is getting older, then there will be a reduction in the collagen.

This is due to stress, diet, and normal wear and tear condition. It is necessary to maintain the collagen for the proper development of joints, skin, hair, and nails. It can be supplemented even from the cows. Read More

The name Hyaluronic acids may sound scary, but it is the natural compound that is occurring in the body. It is having benefits for your skin, hair and connective tissue.

This hyaluronic acid is considered as one of the skincare ingredients. The hyaluronic acids are mostly occurring in places like joints and skin tissues. Read More

In this modern world taking care of health is being very tough task and due to pollution and the food style make everything weak in our body. And one among those problems is maintaining the hair, it may be male or female these days the hair fall rate is being increased due to certain reasons and to control this hair fall people were takin so much of efforts. Read More

The protein always holds a special place in beauty product production because this protein can resolve all the health and skin related products easily. This generation faces so many skin related and hair problems and these all can be get rid of by the proteins. Read More