In this modern world taking care of health is being very tough task and due to pollution and the food style make everything weak in our body. And one among those problems is maintaining the hair, it may be male or female these days the hair fall rate is being increased due to certain reasons and to control this hair fall people were takin so much of efforts.

To help the people, in this case, there are several herbal oils and hair fall treatments are emerging and one among the most popular hair treatment is keratin hair treatment. Keratin is the type of protein that is more essential and that supports the growth and the thickness of the hair.

What is keratin?

The keratin is the structural protein they are found in the nails, hairs and also in the human skin. When they get decreased in the body the hair falls and the strength of the nails gets weaker and to help in this case this keratin is artificially incorporated into the skin that is to strengthen the hair.

keratin hair treatment

This process is said to be keratin hair treatment. They are the semi-permanent hair straightening method that makes smooth and adds extra shine to your frizzy hair. The process may be very simple but the disadvantages of keratin hair treatment are high.

Cons of keratin hair treatment

Before undergoing the keratin hair treatment, you should get to know the side effect of keratin hair treatment and to help you in this task some of those side effects are mentioned here;

Some of the people will experience the irritation over their skin and the eyes after they underwent the keratin hair treatment. Sometimes this irritation may arise with the rashes and also some people get to suffer from severe itching. And to avoid this you should undergo the treatment in the sufficient ventilated rooms.

There are both the short and long term side effects from the keratin hair treatment and one among the long-term side effect is the risk of cancer. This is because of the presence of formaldehyde in it, it is a chemical that may trigger cancer in the people easily.

Other than this you should not wash your hair from 72 hours after treatment and shouldn’t fold your hairs too.

Final words

These are the very few cons of keratin hair treatment and still, you should gain knowledge about the treatment before undergoing it. This article may help you in grasping the idea about keratin hair treatment.