The protein always holds a special place in beauty product production because this protein can resolve all the health and skin related products easily. This generation faces so many skin related and hair problems and these all can be get rid of by the proteins.

And when it comes to hair problems the keratin contained products will be highly preferred because the keratin is a kind of protein that is present in the nails, hairs and also in the skin.

Due to the lack of this protein, the hair fall will be increased and in this case, people make use of those keratin incorporated products or undergoes the keratin hair treatment. But before undergoing the keratin hair treatment you should aware of the keratin treatment risk.

causes cancer

What is keratin treatment?

The keratin is the protein present in the hairs, nails and the skin and this protein are now available in the form of cream also. The keratin cream contains the chemical called the formaldehyde and that will be brushed into your hair, which is blown dry and flat ironed.

The chemical, heat and the compression all these things react and gives you the frizzy, curly and straight hair. The keratin and cancer both are different concepts because the keratin is the protein but cancer is the disease.

But when this protein is artificially incorporated into the skin, the chemical used for the treatment causes cancer in humans.

Health risk of keratin hair treatment

As earlier said the keratin treatment makes use formaldehyde the type of chemical, colorless, strong-smelling gas that will be incorporated into your skin. And when it reacts with the heat it gives you the expected result over your hair.

At the same time, it will increase the chance of cancer in you. The formaldehyde will be the main reason why keratin give you cancer.

Final words

If you want to protect your hair you can go with the natural treatment because these kinds of keratin treatment will give you so much of health risks.