Maintaining the skin is being very toughest task to accomplish these days and to support the people, in this case, there are several skincare products are available in the market.

When the age getting increase easily you can observe the wrinkles and dark spots around the eyes, to avoid these things and to maintain your skin the anti-aging products are there. One of that is the retinol, they are the vitamin-A derivative.

Most people preferring this to hide their age-related skin issues but before making use of it you should be aware of the side effects of retinol on your face.

Some of the cons of retinol are mentioned below to help you to get knowing;

The usage of retinol over the skin can dry out the skin easily because they speed up the skin cell cycle. So that the top layer of the skin cells rapidly shed off and due to this the liquid content of the cells gets evaporated. This increased water loss from the skin leads to dry skin.

The main disadvantages of Retinol are they make the skin into the photo-sensitive. Usually, the topmost layer of cells will protect your skin from the sun rays but when they get shed off the skin loses their protective barrier. This causes redness and irritation on prolonged exposure to the sun rays.

disadvantage of retinolThe shedding of the cells which is present in the outer layer may also lead you to the inflammation and the dryness, so that your skin may cause the itchy feel over the face and neck. This retinol also fights against the acne but due to breakouts, it produces the pimples.

Final words

You can make use of any products over your skin it will be your option but you should have the minimum of knowledge before using it. So that you can use them in the right way.