The keratin is becoming the most important protein in the beauty products manufacturing units because this kind of protein helps the human in a variety of ways.

Keratin protein is a natural protein that is present in the human body in the nails, hairs and also in the skin they play a vital role in maintaining the health of the nails and hairs. Other than this they also play an important role in some of the metabolic activities of the body.

When their level gets decreased in the body there will be high hair fall and in this case, people prefer the keratin contained products and the keratin hair treatment. But during the keratin treatment, people doubt that keratin change hair color and to get to know about it this article may help you.

keratin treatment

The keratin treatment can lighten your dye because when you are undergoing the keratin hair treatment the formaldehyde will be used and they combine with the heat to give you the texture to your hair.

In this case, the hair color will lighten up but mostly while straightening the hair color gets darker. But if they get lightens it will all depend on your natural hair color.

In case you didn’t color up your hair that means you have never applied any dye over your hair, the color of the hair never gets changed even after you undergone the keratin hair treatment.

If the natural hair color is dark brown still it remains brown and factually saying the hair treatment will get you the best. The color change from keratin treatment is only possible when you have colored your hair before the treatment.

Final thoughts

When you are interested in undergoing the keratin hair treatment you should know about it, if you are already colored your hair and it is better to consult the specialist before the process.